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He was found behind a building, using a bunch of newspapers and parts of torn cardboard as a bed. He covered up with his jacket as his blanket.
The way that Jason was living, Dick found it quite pathetic. So pathetic, it made him feel horrible. It made him feel sorry that he didn't find him sooner. But that wasn't in his power. After searching for so long with no luck, Bruce was on the verge of giving up, and thinking that it would be no use. He told Dick to not stress over it, and that it's not his problem. He couldn't be a part of it.
So, of course, he felt bad when he found him. With what condition he was in, he couldn't bring him back to Bruce right away. He found him sleeping, shaking, with watery eyes. It was dark, and had to be no later than eleven at night.
He held onto his waist, and brought him to his feet. Jason stayed as still as possible, and Dick had to take his arms, and place them around his neck so that he could get a better hold of him. Dick was a little disappointed that he showed no response to him. He didn't say a word at all. Jason didn't even fight him, or have an protest at all for him taking him away from the horrible, cold place that he was sleeping, and bring him to his apartment.
But he tried to push his curiosity aside until after he had Jason somewhere safe.

Once he managed through the door of his apartment, Dick helped Jason over to the couch in the living room, and he sat him down carefully. Like he was something fragile, and if he gentle with him, he would break.
Then he moved quickly to lock the door, being cautious. It was night, no one could see them, no one would be suspicious of them. But either way, Dick wanted to be safe. He couldn't have anything happen to that broken boy he'd practically just saved from the frightening world out there.

"Jason..?" Dick asked, as he sat down on the couch next to Jason, facing him, he placed both hands on his shoulders. Jason didn't exactly look at him. It was as if his gaze was looking through him. Dick looked right into his droopy blue eyes, and shook him a little. Repeating his name. "Jason?" He said again, leaning into him. "Why won't you answer me..?" He whispered, trying to get to eye-level with him. Not once, did Jason make eye contact with him.

Dick only nodded after a moment of no response. He bit his lip, and sighed. Standing up.  He thought to get ready to prepare a bed for him on the living room couch.
For the next few days that Jason has been staying there, he didn't eat, and Dick wasn't even sure if he slept. Even time Dick would walk into the living room during the night time, for anything, he would find him either laying there, staring blankly, at the wall or the floor, mindlessly. Some times, he wouldn't even lay down. He would sit there, cross legged, leaning against the couch as he looked off.
Dick found himself checking up on him every so often, it was hard for him to sleep. He thought, if he turned his back for even a second, he would miss something. Something important. Like Jason making a movement, or a sound.

Watching the clock, as it turned to 1:00 in the morning, Dick decided that there as no way he was getting to bed.
He swung his legs over the edge of the bed, and walked into the living room. Where sat Jason on the couch, with his knees up, and his arms held tightly around them. Chin resting on his knee.
Dick smiled at Jason, and sat down next to him. "Hi, Jason." He said, lowering his face to the younger boys. "Why are you awake? It's so early." He tried to make some sort of conversation. Wondering if he in the slightest even understood him.
For a second, Jason's gaze shifted to his, and their eyes locked. Then Jason moved his attention to something else. He looked down, at the empty space between them on the couch. "Jason, look at me.. Please?"
If that was the only progress that Dick was going to recieve, he certainly didn't want to lose it. Slowly, very slowly, Jason shook his head 'no', and hummed quietly. Rocking back and forth on the couch.
Dick sighed, and moved closer to him, to where their legs touched. And he placed his fingers under Jason's chin, gently lifting it to look up at him. "Why won't you speak to me?" For days, Dick has been ignored. He felt like, since Jason could indeed understand him, why did he have to carry a conversation on with himself? He's been talking to him, and not getting anything back. "Jason.. You can trust me, you know. I'm not going to hurt you. You're safe with me.. Nothing bad is going to happen." He told him softly, trying to force a smile that was at least reassuring to the other boy.
Roughly, Jason pulled his head away from Dick, and leaned back. To where his back was against the arm of the couch, and he crossed his arms over his stomach. Keeping his knees up, to put a distance between the two of them. Huffing under his breath, Dick muttered a "fine.", and stood up from the couch. Taking one last look at Jason before he made his way into the kitchen.
Since it was still only one in the morning, which was indeed early, he wasn't going to bother making some big kind of breakfast. Which Dick is sure would easily be rejected, and a waste of his time. He went through the fridge for something, and found a few pieces left of cake that he'd bought a few days ago. He got out a plate, and a fork, and transfered a piece onto empty plate. Putting the rest of the cake away back into the fridge, he walked back into the living room to find Jason laying on his side.
Dick nudged him a little bit, and used his hip to push him against the back of the couch, so that there would be more room for him to sit on the edge. "You're eating this."

Tiredly, Jason's eyes moved over to the plate in Dick's hands. Not making any effort to go for it.

"I have no idea how it happened.. How you're here.. But, it's not the same without you. Bruce really misses you." Dick looked down at Jason, and saw how he bit down on his bottom lip, drawing it into his mouth. He closed his eyes tight, a few tears pricking from them. He turned over silently, facing his back to the older boy. "Are you okay..?" Dick whispered, setting the plate of cake down on the coffee table.
He slipped one of his arms between Jason and the couch, to rest his hand flat down. And his other hand, he placed beside the boy's shaking body. "I'm so sorry.. But it's okay. You're okay." He told him, soft, and comforting. He smiled, and leaned over him, to get a good look at his face.
His eyes were still closed, and he looked so young. So fragile. Dick moved to push away a few strands of black hair that fell in front of his face, and he placed a soft kiss onto his forehead. When Dick had found him, the poor boy was freezing. And now, he's heating up. His forehead is hot, and his cheeks are red and tear stained.
He choked out a sob, the only sound Dick has heard from him so far, and held his arm to cover his forehead. Trying to hide his face. Dick still smiled, and lifted his arms. Slipping his own arms around Jason's waist, he lifted the smaller boy, up in a sitting position. "Stop crying, Jason. If you stop crying, I'll let you see Bruce." He said, hushing him with a finger to his lips. "Okay?"

Jason's breathing evened, and he let out a long breath. Looking down once again.
Dick smiled slightly, and he tilted his head, leaning into Jason. "Say something." He said, resting his forehead against Jason's. "You know, I'm going to make you talk, right?" He said, as he nuzzled his nose into Jason's hair, moving his hands down to Jason's hips. He lightly hooked his fingers under the waistband of his sweatpants, and ran his fingers over his skin. Jabbing his fingers into his sides. Making the boy jump, with a whimper, and grab onto Dick's shoulders with both hands. Squeezing.

"Jason, all you have to do, is tell me to stop." Dick said, as he grabbed Jason's wrists, pulling his hands away.
Dick leaned down, to hover his lips over Jason's neck, he brushed his lips over the skin lightly. And pressed a few kisses there, trailing his hands along his legs, over his knees, and slowly down his thighs. Jason's breath got caught in his throat for a second, and he picked up getting nervous real quickly. He felt like he couldn't move. His cheeks flushed, and the only thing he could do was draw a quiet whine from the back of his throat.
Right as Dick's hands reached above his waist band, letting his hands trail along there, Jason felt horribly embarrassed. Nervous. And Dick could see the scared expression on his face, how it was heated, and he grinned at that.

"Come on, Jay. What did I tell you?" He reminded once more, nudging his nose against Jason's neck, he kissed up along to his jaw, then to his lips.
Again, Dick could feel the other trembling under him. When Jason finally made the move, and had the courage, he roughly grabbed Dick's wrists, and shoved them away. Since he didn't actually say anything, or make a sound, Dick thought of that as a chance to jump on him, and fully press his lips against Jason's. His arms were held down, above his head, and he barely had much room to squirm around as Dick sat pressed down on his lap, forcing his lips against his. He let out a few muffled cries of protest, and attempted to move side to side. Eventually, Dick knew he'd have to pull away for air. And when he did, he was quite content with his actions.

I wanted to write something with Jason involved. And I was like, thinking over what to write. LIKE. The plot, or what the hell ever. And I was like.

Why the hell not?

And, yeah, I thought Dick would fit well in it.

Also, I never check over anything I write, because everything I write, makes me cringe. And it's just. I don't know. Hawkward.

Troll Dick is troll.

Don't shoot me. Plz.

Dick Grayson & Jason Todd (c) DC.
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BaCkUpGuRl Featured By Owner May 23, 2013
chapter 2? its sooooo goooodddd
quickherpes Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2012
It wasn't really.
SoTotallyFlaccid Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2012  Student Writer
ChasehaWing Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2012
Will there be more?
ChasehaWing Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2012
This was when Jason was autistic, wasn't it? When he was around 16 years old? Scary that Dick would go to such methods to get Jason to speak, but nice work all the same ^^. Hopefully Jason will start eating soon ^^
SoTotallyFlaccid Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2012  Student Writer
Oh, lordy. Looool.
I kiiinda feel like a freak when the scaryness of Dick is pointed out. But, sorta, yeah.

And, sorry, but I just wrote that. I'm keeping it a one-shot. c: I'm glad you like it, though. <3
ChasehaWing Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2012
Wait...Jay's 16 and autistic... and Dick's 20+ (probably around 22-24) and molesting the kid who can't defend himself against him... and you didn't realize this was creepy? Hmm...

But yeah, I actually really enjoyed it (even though I was a little freaked), too bad it won't be continued ^^...
SoTotallyFlaccid Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2012  Student Writer
NO. NO. NO. Dick didn't technically molest him. LOL.

Oh my lord. And, at that time, Jay could actually defend himself. But, if I'm correct, he responded to like.. Certain people? it'sbeenawhilesoI'mnotsureifI'mcompletelyaccurate.

I don't know. I thought the idea of it would be cute. lololol. It is a fanfic after all.
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